Rozdělení GP po dungu

Datum: 27/07/2011 01:37:29

Staženo: 298x


1 hotkou sebere ze země GP

2 hotkou zadáte číslo do hry a spočítá vám kolik na hlavu ...

Hodnocení: 3.9/10 (25 hlasy)

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  • ,seberprachy
  • ,rozdelprachy


    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using Phoenix;
    using Phoenix.WorldData;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.Diagnostics;
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    using Phoenix.Gui;
    namespace Scripts.DarkParadis
        public class rozdeleni_drazby

            public void rozdeleni()
                ushort barva_sa = 0x00BC;
                ushort barva_sb = 0x0481;

                UO.Print(barva_sa, "Napoveda:");
                UO.Print(barva_sa, "-------------------------------");
                UO.Print(barva_sb, ",seberprachy - Veme ze zeme GP a deedy");
                UO.Print(barva_sa, "-------------------------------");
                UO.Print(barva_sb, ",rozdelprachy - Zjisti GP v baglu a napise kolik na cloveka");
                UO.Print(barva_sa, "-------------------------------");

            public static void seberprachy()

                UOCharacter character = new UOCharacter(World.Player.Serial);
                character.Print(0x0553, "Beru ten mamon!!! ;-)");

                UOItem gp = World.Ground.FindType(0x0EED, 0x0000);
                if (gp.Exist)
                    UO.Print("Beru hromadku s " + gp.Amount + "GP");
                    UO.MoveItem(gp.Serial, 0, World.Player.Backpack);
                UOItem gps = World.Ground.FindType(0x0EED, 0x0000);
                if (gps.Exist) { goto ber; }

                UOItem gpd50 = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0658);
                if (gpd50.Exist)
                    UO.Print("Beru " + gpd50.Amount + " deed (50K)");
                    UO.MoveItem(gpd50.Serial, 0, World.Player.Backpack);
                UOItem gps5 = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0658);
                if (gps5.Exist) { goto berd50; }

                UOItem gpd250 = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0B87);
                if (gpd250.Exist)
                    UO.Print("Beru " + gpd250.Amount + " deed (250K)");
                    UO.MoveItem(gpd250.Serial, 0, World.Player.Backpack);
                UOItem gps25 = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0B87);
                if (gps25.Exist) { goto berd250; }

                UOItem gpd1m = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0B7A);
                if (gpd1m.Exist)
                    UO.Print("Beru " + gpd1m.Amount + " deed (1M)");
                    UO.MoveItem(gpd1m.Serial, 0, World.Player.Backpack);
                UOItem gps1m = World.Ground.FindType(0x14ED, 0x0B87);
                if (gps1m.Exist) { goto berd1m; }
                character.Print(0x0553, "Sebrano vse co slo....");

            public static void rozdelprachy()

                UOCharacter character = new UOCharacter(World.Player.Serial);
                character.Print(0x0553, "Zadej kolik lidi slo dung:");
               // UO.DeleteAllJournals();
                string[] petrolej = { "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10", "11", "12", "13", "14", "15", "16", "17", "18", "19", "20" };
                character.Print(0x0553, "Zadano!");
                int hledej_cislo = 1;
                int hledej_int = 1;
                int pocet_k_rozdeleni = 0;
                while (hledej_cislo == 1)
                    if (UO.InJournal(hledej_int + ""))
                        pocet_k_rozdeleni = hledej_int;
                        hledej_cislo = 0;
                        hledej_cislo = 1;

                int pocet_deed1 = 0; int pocet_deed2 = 0; int pocet_deed3 = 0;
                int pocet_gp = UO.Count(0x0EED, 0x0000);

                int deed50 = UO.Count(0x14ED, 0x0658);
                if (deed50 >= 1)//50K deed
                    pocet_deed1 = deed50 * 50000;
                int deed250 = UO.Count(0x14ED, 0x0B87);

                if (deed250 >= 1)//250K deed
                    pocet_deed2 = deed250 * 250000;
                } int deed1 = UO.Count(0x14ED, 0x0B7A);

                if (deed1 >= 1)//1M deed
                    pocet_deed3 = deed1 * 1000000;
                int pocetc = pocet_gp + pocet_deed1 + pocet_deed2 + pocet_deed3;

                UO.Print(0x0553, "[GP: " + pocet_gp + " GP]");
                UO.Print(0x0553, "[Deed 50K: " + deed50 + "X]");
                UO.Print(0x0553, "[Deed 250K: " + deed250 + "X]");
                UO.Print(0x0553, "[Deed 1M: " + deed1 + "X]");
                int vysledek = pocetc / pocet_k_rozdeleni;
                character.Print(0x0553, "Celkovy obnos: " + pocetc);
                character.Print(0x0553, "Kazdy dostane: " + vysledek);




24 Apr 2017

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