vCrypter 2012 is a simple application that gets encryption keys for any version of classic or enhanced clients. It's brought to you courtesy of Valios. These keys are supposed to work without any problem for the upcoming versions unless there is a major change and you may NOT ask for internal support about these keys on forums just in case the core doesn't support them.


Hello there, and welcome to EZScript by Mercury

This version(1.0) contains:
    1. Interactive Dialog Studio | This was created by pmouse and converted by me to work with version 55i.
    2. EZS Script Item Creator | An easier way to create items.

Features in progress:
    1. EZA Script NPC Creator | An easier way to create NPCS

Sphere Log Viewer

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Script Maker 1.0

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Sphere Script Generator


Sphere Script Generator 55i


UO Script Maker v1.01


UO Script Maker v0.2

Armor , weapons,potions,items,advanced,animal, info,help, exit


Tvorba Wipe na sphereserveru..

Gump Editor 1.7

Editor Gumpu pro RUNUO